One-on-One Coaching

African American job seekers require different levels of support as they seek employment. Your Black Parachute has designed three levels of support to facilitate these differences, Level One Coach, Level Two Coach and Level Three Coach. These three levels of coaching provide work ready African American participants the supports and resources they need to conduct a successful job or career search designed to provide employment coaching support based on the participant’s work search readiness.

Level One Coaching

– designed for those African American participants who view themselves as fully capable of conducting independent work search activities and require minimal support to go to work. Participants must demonstrate excellent attendance, follow thru on assigned tasks, have recent job experience with marketable skills, understand the nuances of subtle racism and take initiative and/or volunteer assistance in peer to peer activities and interactions.

Level Two Coaching

designed for those African American participants who are able to self-manage their work search activities, have the ability to recognize and navigate discriminatory behaviors and participate with moderate support of an employment coach to go to land a job and develop a career.

Level Three Coaching

for those African American participants who require intensive coaching and support to conduct a successful work search and go to work. Participants have demonstrated challenges with consistently meeting program expectations.

Participants will be placed in a Coaching Level based on an interview between the Staff Coach and the participant. Participants may move between tracks as they progress in their work readiness with the coach’s approval. Participants will be charged based on the level of coaching they receive unless otherwise agreed upon by the staff of Your Black Parachute. Coaches will work with the participant to develop their weekly Job Search Planner based on their career goals and networking activities. Coaches will engage in meaningful scheduled conversations with participants. The coach’s primary role is to provide one-on-one career coaching and support services in order to help the participant successfully go to work. Coaching activities may last up to six months. Contact us at (304)716-4055 for further information including pricing.

Group Seminars

For course content see When Your Parachute is Black table of contents

    1. Group Seminars (one organization – 3 days)- Group seminars are available for an organization who has 15 participants or more. The instructional guide is When Your Parachute is Black.
    2. Public Group Seminars - Public Seminars are available for up to 15 participants from any organization or individuals. The instructional guide is When Your Parachute is Black.

Contact for prices and details at (304) 716-4055.

Resume Production

The first and perhaps the most important step in preparing African American job seekers for a successful job searches is to create a powerful race neutral and gender neutral resume that will open doors and generate interviews. In addition to being race and gender neutral, the African American job seeker must present a powerfully effective and attractive resume that presents the following about you:

  1. Strong work ethic
  2. Effective written and oral communication skills
  3. Computer and technical skills
  4. Problem solving and analytical skills
  5. Flexibility and adaptability
  6. Self confidence
  7. Accomplishments and Achievements
  8. Teamwork and collaborative skills
  9. Work experience

Key Questions that must be answered include:

  • What will be some of the roadblocks to your success and how will you deal with them?
  • Where do you start?
  • When will you start?
  • Who can provide assistance to you with your search?

Your resume must provide evidence that you have these skills. You have approximately 30 seconds to convenience a screener with your cover letter and resume package to present you to a hiring manager who will invite you in for an interview. Your resume must catch the employer’s attention and make it to the top of the “yes” pile.

HBCU(Historically Black College and University)

Lectures and Workshops- provides three day workshops tailored for Historical Black Colleges and Universities. We recommend that students participate in these workshops during their second year. However, there is great value in juniors and seniors taking this workshop. Institutions who have not scheduled seminars, may do so by contacting Dr. William M. White (304)716-4055
List of HBCU Schools

Contact for prices and details at (304) 716-4055.