There is a jobs problem when it comes to hiring America’s veterans. The issue is such a problem that in a rare moment of bipartisan agreement, in November 2011, President Obama signed into law legislation helping unemployed veterans find work while making more funds available for companies with government contracts. A study released by the Institute of Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University reports that the group of veterans struggling the most with unemployment is the post-9/11 generation soldier, with Black and Hispanic soldiers having it the hardest. This trend is consistent with the general overall trend in society. This is not a new phenomenon. We have seen these trends since 2006 for the military. Yet, aren’t we disrespecting our service men and women by not insuring they have a good paying job to support their families after all they have sacrificed; their health, time away from their family and friends and the ability to work and establish a reputation; in order to protect our country. At respect and love our soldiers. We have experience working with today’s military. We can help them land that job or career they wish for and are entitled to. Contact a coach today and watch your career soar!

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