Finding the right Job is a Full Time Job

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Working in the outplacement industry was an incredible learning experience. One of the first lessons I learned was finding the right job is a full time job in and of itself. Too often job seekers view this new found time as a blessing and immediately find ways to consume the hours and days newly given to you. You ask yourself, how long does it take to post my resume on Monster or I just spoke with Julie last week on a lead and I can make a few calls a day. This is the mistake most job seekers make. You have not been taught that finding the right job is the most serious thing that one does and we usually have to do it more than once. It is stressful, time consuming and it tries our patience. It truly is a full time job! Today’s approach to a job search requires a well thought out marketing plan with you being the product. The more time a job seeker spends per day on targeted marketing, the sooner he/she will find that right job for them. Devising a networking plan and working that plan is the first thing one must do. Good old fashion networking. Over 90% of today successful candidates find their new jobs by networking. teaches you a networking system that will allow you to have hundreds of people helping you look for that right job in less than a month. Let’s not forget technology. The internet can be our savior and it can be our waterloo. Anyone who gets on the internet for a few minutes knows that can lead to hours. Learning how to manage the internet is a must. Researching the right company also takes time, but provides the job seeker information about the perspective employer which presents you in a positive light and provides information as to whether or not you are compatible with their organization. Managing search firm contacts takes time and is necessary to your search. Volunteering at you favorite school or food bank and exercise fulfill the needs of the spirit and the body. If your mind and body are working with you instead of against you, it is easier for you to make a better impression with your potential new employer. We devote an entire chapter to marketing yourself during the job search process and beyond. Don’t be overly concerned about the length of time you have been unemployed. All employers today are aware of the slow recovery the United States is making from our last recession.

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