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President Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th president of the United States of America. He is African American. That is both a blessing and a curse. Welcome to, the website for African Americans who are unemployed, under-employed, or who want to change careers. This is one-stop shopping at its best for African-American job seekers. is your key to success as we introduce you to proven strategies for increasing your employment opportunities and to our revolutionary new book, When Your Parachute is Black: The African American’s Guide to Equal Employment in the Twenty-First Century.

The timing is perfect to expand the introduction of a model that has worked for Whites and some minorities for over four decades. Yes, the timing is right because an African-American president has been elected for his second term. However, the previous four years provided many challenges for African Americans because President Obama’s initial election brought to the surface hidden racism that many thought was no longer a part of the American fabric. This suppressed racism has had a negative effect on Blacks throughout the globe and especially in the United States. The use of terms like “shuckin and jivin” by a former American governor, members of the U.S. Congress references to President Obama as the “food stamp president,”  and yet another former governor’s reference to the president as “lazy” or as someone who needs to learn how to “be an American” (statements made after the first 2012 presidential debate) are often seen as appropriate by a large number of Americans–– Americans who hire African Americans all over this nation and some who are our neighbors. The time is now for African Americans to learn strategies that nullify such racist language and behavior. But racism is only one aspect of the problem African-American job seekers face.

Understanding how to produce a race-neutral resume, how to write race-neutral cover letters, establish a clear vision regarding your career goals, networking effectively, and presenting your skills as transferrable are just a few things you will learn on this journey toward greater employability and career satisfaction. There are seven key elements we focus on to help you present yourself more persuasively to a prospective employer: vision, education, skills development, communication & self marketing, networking, and resume building. People who follow this outplacement based model routinely find quality jobs with the highest salaries in half the time as those who do not use this process. Companies such as Lee Hecht Harrison, LLCChallenger, Gray and Christmas, Inc. and Prositions, Inc. have provided an excellent foundation for White Americans and for a few minority employees over the last four decades.

The playing field is not level for most African-American employees. However, you cannot accept the status or definition of yourself as a victim! President Obama and those before him who made his victory possible have proven that we are among the most resilient people on earth. That same resilience combined with the techniques and insights provided through this website and the companion book, When Your Parachute is Black: African Americans’ Guide to Equal Employment in the Twenty-First Century, can help you achieve the career success you desire and deserve. Enjoy the journey!

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