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Hello world! Welcome to yourblackparachute.com, where African American Career Success is our Only Job! We are the only full service career development and job search firm in the United States to focus on African American employment. Our goal is to proactively provide industry trends that are relevant the general population as you perform you job search or career change. More importantly, we provide tips and information on what these trends mean for African American and other minorities. Through this blog, you will have an opportunity to discuss cutting edge ideas and thoughts across a wide variety of recruitment and workplace related topics; developing ways to overcome challenges that we have been confronted with for the last forty years.

Yourblackparachute.com’s CEO and Founder, Dr. William M. White, began work in this area in the 1980s as a client and later a consultant for Drake Bean Morin, Inc., the leading outplacement firm at that time. He has worked with thousands of job seekers in group and individual sessions, helping them plan and land that job that is right for them. Dr. White has been a thought leader in diversity management, outplacement consulting, pharmaceutical management and leadership for more than 40 years. In addition to his book When Your Parachute is Black, Dr. White has co-authored two books on leadership, Apex Thinking and What Leaders Believe. Both books are being used in higher education on leadership on the bachelors, masters and doctoral levels. He invites you to push yourself, meet your expectations and enjoy this incredible life changing journey, as you explore what it means to be employed and African American in the 21th century!